National Day of Unplugging

We are an uber-connected society. Texting, Facetiming, Following, Tweeting, InstaStoring – if it is a digital connection, our nose is to the grind or pointed towards the phone. No wonder one had to create a National Day of Unplugging to force us to re-focus and detox from the constant technology that surrounds us all.

Welcome to Mountain Maryland, where disconnecting is all about reconnecting. Here, we encourage you to put your phone down, get outdoors, explore, reconnect with nature and ultimately yourself.

Green-Ridge-State-Forest_NationalDayOfUnplugging1Take a Scenic Overlook DriveGreen Ridge State Forest features multiple scenic overlooks throughout the forest. Stop by Headquarters to pick up a self-guided tour map, hop in your car, and drive. We promise the views are worth the gas expense.

Emmanuel-Episcopal-Church_NationalDayOfUnplugging2. Experience History – Did you know that the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Cumberland, Maryland, served as a hub for the Underground Railroad? The church features a series of underground tunnels, which escaped slaves would use on their route to Pennsylvania. Learn more.

Cycling-In-Maryland_NationalDayOfUnplugging3. Breath in the Fresh Mountain Air – Cumberland, Maryland, features the connection of the Great Allegheny Passage, a rail trail connecting Pittsburgh, PA, to Cumberland, and the C&O Towpath, a 184-mile trail which continues to Washington, DC. If you need a bike or riding equipment, visit one of our local outfitters for riding needs. Turn off the phone, and hit the great outdoors! PS – Picture above is not reflective of the current season. Pack your bike, but also warmer gear.

Shift-Frostburg_NationalDayOfUnplugging4. Come to Dine – Entrepreneurs have set Allegany County up for a great location that appreciates the food and beverage culture. We have farm-to-table restaurants, bars with live entertainment, specialty coffee shops, fine dining locations, and so much. Grab your loved one, call up a friend, and go enjoy a meal and have a meaningful conversation.
MrToadsPottery_NationalDayOfUnplugging5. Get Creative – Put down the phone and pick up a paintbrush! Allegany County features many opportunities to let your artistic side shine through. Mr. Toad’s Pottery features a pottery studio and MountainShine Creative hosts a variety of artistic workshops, both located in Downtown Cumberland. While in Frostburg, check our Sadie’s a rotating gallery or make reservations for one of the Toasted Goat Winery’s many paint and sip classes.

As John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” The mountains are calling.

Learn more about Allegany County, Maryland!

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