NOTHING’s Better!


Float, boat or coast through summer…

Sometimes, nothing’s better than doing NOTHING!  Like Mountain Maryland’s secret getaway chill — floating in the relaxing headwaters of the revitalized Potomac River, one of our national heritage waterways.

Grab a boat, canoe, kayak or inner tube and come on in – the water’s great! There are several launch sites for you, your friends and family to easily slip into a cool river on a hot summer day and float your cares away. ( Or if you prefer to stay on land, consider a nice bike ride on one of our trails or paths.  You can spend your vacation wheeling away from worry, with the sights and sounds of nature in the air and the wind at your back.  And don’t worry if you are a novice to river and riding relaxation, simply contact one of the many outdoor recreation businesses in Mountain Maryland and let them help you get your float, boat or coast on! ( When the sun goes down, gather around the crackle of a warm campfire in one of our State Parks or turn in at one of our affordable and award-winning B&Bs or hotels.  Nothing’s better.

So when friends and co-workers ask you what you did this summer, you can honestly answer, “Nothing.” And trust us, that’s SOMETHING.

Click here to find the best locations in Mountain Maryland to float, boat, or coast through summer.

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